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Public Relations the Zum goldenen Hirschen way.

We combine relevance with creativity and connect our clients to their target audiences

We think of campaigns as PR and PR as a campaign. This helps our clients build relationships with their customers and create long-lasting engagement through stories that move and convince.


We combine Zum goldenen Hirschen’s love for creativity with excellence and experience in the PR craft.


Guided by the questions “What is the story and how do we tell it best?” we think openly and therefor multiply impact. And with our publishing offering, we realize this with journalistic standards and a focus on sophisticated design.


PR the Zum goldenen Hirschen way: ZgH Engage combines relevance with creativity and connects our clients to their target audiences. We think of campaigns as PR and PR as a campaign.

  • Creative Public & Media Relations
  • Publishing
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Storytelling
  • Content Strategies



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