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Over 380 Deer

We are one of the leading agencies for relevance and creativity in the D-A-CH region.
Combining a digital mindset with a creative heart.
100+ Clients
11 Locations in 7 Cities
7th Largest Independent Agency
40+ Million € Revenue
Nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2023


Full Special
Service Agency

Generalists, whose understanding doesn’t go deep enough, or specialists, who lack the big picture?


A lead agency or 32 specialist agencies? Our answer to today’s complexity: connected expertise. The best combination of full-service generalists and special-service experts.


Radical Collaboration.

Connected across all locations

Discover all locations

We make our clients relevant ­ for their customers


The KulturPass: Rethinking cultural sponsorship as an app!

A bold and target audience-appropriate appearance for the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media created a communications universe that reinvigoarted young people’s enthusiasm for culture.

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Bild zeigt Kampagnenmotiv Kulturpass App

Full Hirschen Expertise for OBI

As the lead agency for OBI, we develop and produce up to eight seasonal campaigns per year—and all of those completely in-house.

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Aldi stages the no difference

Discover the small difference. Milka or Choceur? Persil or perhaps Tandil? Store brands vs. name brands. The Aldi duel over the subtle yet fine difference.

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Hirschen in Color

Emre Karamermer

Senior Concept Developer

Linda Koenen

Client Service Director

Dominik Schmelter

Junior Art Director

Maxine Zeman

Art Director

Aleksandra Lutovinova

Senior Motion Designerin


New Business

Maximilian Groß


Jana Riensch

Bild zeigt Jana Riensch_nvgtrs

People & Culture

Theresa Hilbk


Anne Oloff