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Full Expertise for OBI

OBI Competence Campaigns

One DIY-Chain. One team. Dozens of competencies.

As the lead agency for OBI, we develop and produce up to eight seasonal campaigns per year – completely in-house.


Campaigns in 2023


Shooting Days

> 150

Video Assets

> 200

Photo Assets


OBI is to be perceived as the preferred DIY-store for seasonal projects.


A communications platform that enables us to reach OBI customers insight-driven in current life situations and offer relevant deals.


Eight 360° Competence Campaigns in 2023 alone, completely developed, created, and produced in-house by us.


/ Concept Development
/ Storyline
/ Pre-Production
/ Production
/ Post-Production
/ Delivery

The full Hirschen force!

When it comes to Competence Campaigns – everything just goes hand in hand.

Depending on the requirements, we can quickly and easily assemble teams at our Cologne location. In the case of competence campaigns for OBI, the workflow begins with the campaign team, ZgH Lab. Here, the strategic direction seamlessly transitions into the creative ideation process and then into internal production at ZgH Studio. All in-house, all hand in hand!

The extension of the campaign to social media and the creation of digital advertising banners are then taken over by our label ZgH Valley. Here, the produced assets are transformed into content for OBI accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. For the final touch, our label Hype Hart takes care of managing, casting, and handling influencer collaborations.

Pre-visualization of the concept

Thanks to advanced technology and know-how, the V1 of the offline edit is already available before the actual shoot. Instead of a costly and elaborate storyboard, we can pre-produce the entire film in 3D. The previs allows us to:

A scale-accurate layout for set construction

The precise generation of lighting plans

Pre-testing camera settings and movements

Checking timings, transitions, and text lengths


Live editing on set

Turning, cutting, checking? All of this happens in one day with us. During filming, the just recorded material is directly fed into the editing program. This allows the editor to create a V2 in real time based on the 3D pre-visualization created during pre-production.

Our previs serves as the basic framework for this process. By directly swapping freshly shot scenes with the 3D scenes from the previs, significant time can be saved both on set and in post-production. Thanks to this technique, we leave the filming day with a finished film that can be immediately checked for timing, length, and camera angles.

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