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See like a bee!

110 K

Gardens checked for bee-friendliness

2.7 M

unique filter users

5.6 M

contacts through influencers

Insight & Idea

Have you ever seen purple sunflowers?

We’ve created an Instagram filter that mimics the color vision of bees, allowing people to check the bee-friendliness of their garden.


The increasing urbanization is leading to less habitat for wild bees in Europe. Can a DIY-store contribute to protecting endangered species?


We built in on OBI’s expertise in terms of garden improvement – but this time, not just for humans, for bees.


An Instagram filter that allows users to see nature from bee-perspective. Entertaining and informative creator content generated the necessary buzz surrounding OBI’s garden expertise.


/ Instagram filter programming
/ Social Media
/ Influencer Management
/ Direct Mailing
/ Video Production

How ist works?

Branded Filter  

Bees only head for plants whose colors they can perceive.

OBI helps change perspective – with an Instagram filter that mimics the color spectrum of a bee and shows the motif in UV light.

Brand Purpose  

More than just a statement for sustainability

With ‘See like a bee,’ we informed and empowered customers to create bee-friendly gardens together with OBI.

User-generated content for bees

Thousands of users took pictures of their gardens or balconies using the OBI filter, shared them with their community, boosting awareness for the bee-perspective among millions.


From digital filter to real product

Plants and products selected by bees were featured in a bespoke mailing: the OBI Bee Brochure – by bees for bee enthusiasts.

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