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WGV Insurance


videos for drivers troubled by scratches


assets for social media and web


Game for smartphone and desktop


Weeks from idea to finished campaign

So scratches hurt less

The WGV car insurance

How to stage a scratch lottery with parking garage dents, scratches, and bumps – and on top of that deliver the corresponding game.


Every year, just in time for the deadline of November 30th, car insurers compete with aggressive low price promotions and offers to switch insurance.


A likable out-of-the-box idea to bring WGV insurance to the pole position of drivers attention in the fiercely competitive insurance market.


In addition to the existing WGV communications campaign, we dedicate a mini-campaign to the possibly smallest big nuisance when driving: parking garage scratches!


/ Strategic Workshop
/ Creative concept development
/ Campaign development
/ Website development
/ Mobile game development
/ Video, photo, radio, post-production

While most insurers heavily communicate the deadline, we give drivers the opportunity to prove their skills in the parking garage with their own browser game.

WGV Parcade for mobile and desktop

Simply start the pixel car, avoid scratches and beat the best time.

Play here

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