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We all speak DIY!

165 Mio.

Contacts in Display & Social

190 Mio.

Contacts OOH


Publications in consumer and trade press



Hero campaign: Diversity

„Duvar boyama“
Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t understand a word?

Together with OBI,
we’re taking a stand against language barriers.
Loud, strong, and everywhere diversity thrives.


A significant part of our society is still lacking sufficient access to the German language – and therefore also to a lot of branded content out there.


As part of the overriding brand narrative, OBI, as a people’s aims to raise awareness for language and cultural barriers, and seeks to empower everybody in Germany to engage in DIY with inclusive communication.


An award-winning, cross-media awareness campaign that reached over 355 million total contacts, engaging both non-native and native speakers and generating significant buzz.


/ Messaging Planning
/ Campaign concept development
/ Creation of offline and online advertising materials
/ Influencer Management

What? Yes! That’s how many feel!

Brand Purpose

OBI leads by example and actively begins breaking down language barriers.
To achieve this, we translated our most relevant how-to videos into the eight most spoken foreign languages in Germany and Austria.

From feed…

… to the streets.

Campaign success

We broke down DIY barriers with a total of 64 multilingual video tutorials in eight foreign languages, reaching 165 million contacts in digital and social media, as well as 190 out-of-home (OOH) contacts, effectively positioning OBI as a driver for diversity.

Additionally, we further incited dialogue with the target audience through the collaboration with five prominent influencers, captivating both the press and customers.

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