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FILA Europe

400 Mio.

Total Reach


Pan-European OOH Placements

9 Mio.

Social Media Reactions

FILA Repositioning

Fun over rules!

The Hirschen bringing the fun back into sports.


Faster, Higher, Stronger:
In a performance-driven society, sport primarily means one thing: pressure. But where’s the fun in all of this?


A pan-European brand repositioning, which effectively and visibly communicates the core and values of the traditional sports and lifestyle brand to the target audience.


An inspiring campaign that makes clear what sports is all about: Not about over-achievement and performance, but about the love and enjoyment of sports.


The full package: Strategic brand positioning, claim and design development, concept development, executions including production and post-production for video & photo.

Bild zeigt Kampagnenmotiv Fila

Sport is for everyone

With a wide range of dynamic executions, the product categories of multisport, tennis, and streetwear were stylishly showcased.

Bild zeigt Kampagnenmotiv Fila
Bild zeigt Kampagnenmotiv Fila

Take fun seriously

The campaign thrives on dynamic images, authentic characters, and above all: fun, fun, fun. Made for all channels, relatable across Europe, and always with the brand in mind.

campaign spot

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