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Zoll Career

79 %

Matching Values in Target Audience Engagement

+ 23 %

Perception of ZOLL as an Attractive Employer


Number of Applicants per Year

We are the Zoll Generation

From a boring Authority to an Employer brand with a purpose

How we match the expectations and values of Generation Z with the career opportunities and values of Zoll.


By 2030, over 12,000 customs officers will retire. To ensure that the authority remains well-equipped for the future, the German Customs is seeking 2,000 young talents every year.


How do you increase the quantity and quality of applicants for an authority that isn’t naturally on people’s radar?


For Gen Z, we’re not only highlighting the jobs and career opportunities, but more importantly break down a mental barrier: the values ​​of ZOLL and myself – they’re a match.


/ Employer Brand Development
/ Strategic Consulting
/ Campaign Development
/ Website Development
/ Market Research Support
/ Video, Photo, Radio, Post-Production


First step in our candidate journey: conveying the societal relevance and democratic values of the German Customs.

Value Alignment

Out-of-Home, in Social Media, as Online Banners: here as a representative execution of the many examples.

Second step in our candidate journey: Providing insights into the daily lives of customs officers and explaining their responsibilities.

Showcasing Career Opportunities

Alongside additional executions depicting the tasks, real customs officers and influencers inform in various formats about the tasks and responsibilities at the German Customs.

How to Host 40,000 Trade Show Visitors

We can also highlight one more thing: the first digital recruiting fair in Minecraft. Why did we do it? Every year, 1.8 million high school graduates inform themselves about possible jobs and careers at training and student fairs. Unfortunate if these events are canceled due to Corona. Our solution: 50 million blocks, 15 servers, and perhaps the most unusual trade fair for an authority to recruit new talent.

The gamers liked it, so did the press – and we’ve proven that government communication doesn’t have to be dull.

Outstanding Teamwork

By the way, our collaboration with Zoll is not only appreciated by our target audience but also by some jury members. Although a high number of applicants is much more important to us than an award, we gladly accept it. A small selection of them is showcased here on our digital shelf.

2 x

Bronze at the Effie Awards

2 X

Gold at the DPWK Awards

1 x

Gold at the German Political Award

1 x

Bronze at the DRX Recruiting Award

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