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Kiehl‘s CRM 3.0

10K +

New members for the Kiehl's Family Programme

3m +

400 +

distributed NFTs

CRM 3.0?!

Next level Customer Relationship Management and First Mover in Web3

Our Kiehl’s Originals NFT Collection further strengthens Kiehl’s positioning as skincare experts.


Kiehl’s aim is to become the world’s Nr 1 expert beauty brand and already operates an extremely successful loyalty program.


CRM 3.0 – Making the next step towards long-term customer retention with the first step into the Metaverse.


An NFT project that grants every member of the Kiehl’s Family Loyalty Program access to a personal digital NFT Kiehl’s Skin Pro, reinforcing brand loyalty in a sustainable way.


/ Idea development and implementation
/ NFT Concept and design
/ Development of the social media strategy including the implementation of advertising materials
/ UI/UX design for promo as well as Air Drop landing page

Metaverse Day

NFTs?! NFTs! 

L‘Oréal Metaverse Experience

As part of the L’Oréal Metaverse Day, we had the opportunity to showcase the Kiehl’s Originals project at the L’Oréal Headquarters before its launch, providing hands-on support to employees as they took their first steps into Web3.

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