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Epic Sale

Epic Sale creates emotions that activate.
And activations that evoke emotions.

We combine price communication with storytelling

We provide double benefits to companies, retail and brand expertise: sales and brand values. This approach has gained significance in times of inflation and uncertainty in the marketing universe. Across all industries, companies have focused on price communication – and, through short-term thinking, have ‘squandered’ their brand value along with products. Therefore, the Hirschen established ZgH Epic Sale label.

We connect product and brand from two directions: with emotional, brand-building storytelling that also directly drives sales. Just as with sales measures packaged in emotional stories.

ZgH Epic Sale offers a wide range of activation options: from large-scale motion picture activations to creatively designed promotion mechanics. The Hirschen can draw on a wealth of experience from long-standing retail clients.


ZgH Epic Sale bridges the gap between price communication and brand-building with storytelling that drives sales. We create emotions that activate. And activations that evoke emotions.

  • Emotional Storytelling that drives sales
  • Sales activations as emotional stories.
  • Promotion mechanics
  • Collaboration ideas

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