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ZgH Identity

The one-stop-shop for end-to-end Brand Design.

Like a prism that reveals the hidden colors in white light, we use design to bring the true story of brands into the light.


End-to-End Design Approach

Our liquid design approach leads to significant brand impact in this ever-changing and ever more fragmenting media and channel landscape.
Our comprehensive design experience is based on the successful work for Love Brands and Institutions such as MediaMarkt, Ramazotti, OBI and the Federal Gouvernment

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We combine experts from all relevant design disciplines in a way that leads to almost infinite possibilities for coherent brand management across all relevant channels.

We believe in the diversity of our design-experience

At ZgH Identity we integrate design processes that usually take place independently from each other. Through bundling competencies and hence building synergies, the processes become more efficient by raising impact at the same time.

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Our Plug & Play Principle

Experts form the most important design disciplines collaborate with their respective counterparts form the strategy side of things. At ZgH Identity Brand Strategy and Marketing meet UI Design, Motion Design, Corporate Publishing, Photo- & Videography, Corporate Design, Video-, Photo- and Print-Production.
The possibilities created by closely connecting the various experts are limitless.

That’s why we can guarantee you: We will always find the perfect team for any design task.

We make our clients relevant for their customers


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Jakob Szroborz

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