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ZgH Studio

The Zum goldenen Hirschen Home of Digital Storytelling

Photo and video production as it should be today: Efficient. Agile. always on point. For maximum impact.






9:16, 16:9 – and always 100%

Content is the most valuable currency of the digital age. We exchange content for our customer’s attention, time and trust. But this barter deal principle only works if real relevance is created with added value and quality.

From small and fast to large and elaborate: Our label ZgH Studio offers the answer to all questions about the production of channel-specific or cross-channel video content. From social media assets to serial content formats to high-value TVCs. With attention to detail and format. Always hitting the mark.



Maximum diversity and efficiency for radical relevance. Following this mantra, our team develops the best possible result directly with you in an utmost agile manner.

Previs: We show the film before it was shot

Using real-time rendering software (UE5), we visualize rooms, protagonists, camera movements, 3D animations, spotlights and sun movements in a previs – in real time. And even remote!


The film is planned and reviewed as per the first idea. The true-to-scale settings are even digitally experienceable. There’s no limit to number, size and length.


Costs are drastically reduced as all departments can plan in parallel in advance. Pre-production and shooting days become more efficient and correction loops in post-production are radically reduced.


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Dennis Colquhoun

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