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Values Campaign for the 160th Anniversary for CHRIST.

The campaign encourages people to wear jewelry as an expression of their personal individuality and uniqueness, emphasizing the importance of diversity,” explains Antonia Dückers, Head of Marketing at CHRIST.

Whether jewelry is intended as a gift, gesture, or a memory for a partner or oneself, it always carries meaning or expresses something. Therefore, the current campaign celebrates exactly this with the theme “Celebrate what you love.”

“Old role perceptions are obsolete; everyone can wear what they want, there is no longer just one beauty ideal, strength is no longer measured by biceps, men marry men, women marry women, or not at all. The older generation buys e-bikes instead of heating blankets, and stereotypes exist mainly in advertising,” explains Marc Hergarden, Managing Director at Zum goldenen Hirschen Köln.

The anniversary logo developed by Hirschen for CHRIST consists of the CHRIST logo and a symbol highlighting the 160-year history of the company. The fireworks in the 160-year symbol symbolize the colorful and diverse world of CHRIST. This campaign is just the beginning.

The campaign will run until the end of April 2023 at physical points of sale and on all digital channels, such as social media or the website.

Other News

Bild zeigt Kampagnenmotiv Generalzolldirektion

Nov 16.2023

Bronze at the Effie Award for Generation ZOLL

The success story continues! Our recruiting campaign for the General Customs Directorate has won the prestigious #Effie Award. Together with the customs, we are not only collecting awards but also rewriting the handbook for employer branding!

Sep 26.2023

On a sustainability course with the Impact Navigator

Sustainability made easy: The Hirschen Group companies 365 Sherpas, VORN, and Zum goldenen Hirschen establish the One-Stop-Shop 'nvgtrs.' As skilled navigators, the 14 experts provide comprehensive advice to companies in all areas of sustainability

Sep 18.2023

ZgH Attract: Hirschen establishes a label for employer branding

Attractive employer brands attract talents. Ensuring this is the mission of ZgH Attract - a new label under which the agency Zum goldenen Hirschen consolidates its expertise in the field of employer branding."

Sep 15.2023

3 submissions, 3 awards. We are BEST AGENCY!

Last night at the Best Agency Awards ceremony, Henrik Bunzendahl, Jost Köllner and Jens Kurznack each received an award. But considering the campaigns, it's no wonder.

Aug 10.2023

Production Label „ZgH Studio" launched

ZgH Studio ensures maximum impact of video content with integrated production teams. The new Hirschen label, built on the experience of working for the client OBI, has proven itself, established, and evolved continuously over the years. As part of the Zum goldenen Hirschen family, this knowledge is now also available to other clients.

Aug 08.2023

We are nominated! German Sustainability Award 2023.

As one of the 10 agencies, Zum goldenen Hirschen has been selected for the next round in the most prestigious sustainability award – in the advertising and PR category.

Jul 19.2023

„Proud op Kölle” – OBI shows its colours

With the specially developed Pride claim and the uniquely implemented design 'Proud op Kölle,' the hardware store distinctly positions itself against any form of discrimination and makes it clear: DIY knows no boundaries but sees itself as an expression of diversity and individuality. Together with the creative agency Zum goldenen Hirschen, OBI is sending a clear signal for diversity and showing its colors!"

Jul 03.2023

"Who, if not here?" - Campaign for the BMWK

The Hirschen Group location in Berlin, along with its subsidiaries Zum goldenen Hirschen and ressourcenmangel, has once again been awarded the contract by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK). Over the next four years, they will be responsible for communication services to support public relations.