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German Brand Award: OBI wins three times

Since 2018, Zum goldenen Hirschen Cologne 43 has been the full-service lead agency, and OBI has been on a common path.

Repeated awards, accolades, and victories underscore the effective collaboration. Most recently, in 2021, the jointly developed campaign ‘Mach mal mit OBI’ was honored.

Now the success story continues: Inspiring people and motivating them to realize their visions of a beautiful home is central to OBI. Based on this, two campaigns with a DIY focus were developed, implemented, and now also awarded in the last year with Zum goldenen Hirschen:

The campaign ‘We all speak DIY’ received the Gold award in the category ‘Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Branded CSR – Social Media.’ The core of the campaign was the translation of selected video tutorials for creative DIY projects into eight different languages with the aim of breaking down barriers and making it clear: DIY knows no bounds. This initiative was accompanied by an extensive creative campaign with out-of-home and digital elements, as well as prominent support on social media from stars like Motsi Mabuse, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Ilkay Gündogan, Emilija Wellrock, and DagiBee, who shared their own experiences. Another award was received for the OBI Branded Entertainment format ‘Projekt Wunschgarten Promi Spezial,’ implemented by Zum goldenen Hirschen and i&u, in the category ‘Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Communication – Storytelling & Content Marketing.’ Here, the celebrity became an intern and, under the guidance of garden designer Davit Arican, implemented his own DIY garden project. All three episodes each reached over 230,000 views and were represented three times in the top 10 YouTube trends.

“We are very proud to have received the German Brand Award in three such different disciplines. A big thank you to our team and agencies, especially the teams from Zum goldenen Hirschen, for this great achievement. I am particularly pleased that our values campaign like ‘We all speak DIY’ has received such great approval. Behind the term ‘values campaign’ often lies more marketing than real values. It was important for us to deliver real added value. Based on our corporate value of community, we addressed the societal challenge of how we can empower people without German language skills to realize their DIY projects as well. Because DIY knows no bounds. In the end, the translation of our how-to videos was the result – the marketing of it to draw attention to the topic was rather secondary,” Christian von Hegel, Senior Vice President Brand & Communication at OBI, summarized.

Jost Köllner, Managing Director at Zum goldenen Hirschen Cologne 43, added: “The works clearly show that together with OBI, we can repeatedly take surprising, innovative paths in communication. We are all the more pleased that this is recognized, for example, by the German Brand Award. Through close collaboration, we can implement innovative and effective communication measures to inspire and empower people to beautify their homes according to their individual wishes and ideas. We are proud to be part of this exciting journey and will consistently work in the future to inspire the various target groups of OBI – especially in the digital world – with new impulses.”

The third award of the evening went to OBI MachBar in the category ‘Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Communication – Fairs & Exhibitions.’ The experiential workshop in Cologne’s city center was implemented in collaboration with the local design agency Framework. Visitors can participate in free DIY workshops and learn to optimize their homes. In addition, theme-specific events take place. The combination of branded content and live experience through an urban concept store reflects the creativity and needs of the DIY community.

Further honors for the campaigns ‘Projekt Wunschgarten Promi Spezial mit Knossi’ and ‘We all speak DIY’ could be on the horizon at the German Prize for Online Communication (DPOK) on June 30 in Berlin. It remains exciting!

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„Proud op Kölle” – OBI shows its colours

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Jul 03.2023

"Who, if not here?" - Campaign for the BMWK

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May 21.2023

Labellaunch "Epic Sale" against the squandering of brand values

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Values Campaign for the 160th Anniversary for CHRIST.

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